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These social insects live in colonies, and once they establish a nest, they can quickly multiply and spread throughout your property. Ants can enter your home or business through small gaps and cracks in the foundation, walls, or windows. Additionally, ants can contaminate food and pose a health risk to humans and pets.
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Being a small business, with a decade of experience, we have the enthusiasm to provide you with the best service possible. “Thinking outside the box” is something that really sets us apart from other companies. With that said, we look at all options to cater to your needs, while providing legal and safe methods of control for you and your family.

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“We recently moved up to the beautiful northern Virginia area a year ago and found the perfect area to relocate our family. Unfortunately, the home we bought had some “pesty roommates” we attempted to evict on our own. Three months of trying nearly everything on our own, and we succumbed to needing a professional. I posted an inquiry for a reputable company to assist and low and behold every single suggestion pointed to Kevin. He not only took care of ALL the issues, he worked around our schedule and continues to be a professional who cares about each customer. 10/10 customer service and would recommend to everyone.” -Jessica H.

Very Thorough and comprehensive approach that immediately reduced rodent problem after another campany failed after months and months. And Kevin is super friendly and flexible!

Julie C.

Living in a log home for a few years now we have realized that many creatures are trying to attack our house. We count on Kevin at Raptor Pest control to protect and preserve the beautiful wood all year long. He provides fair pricing for his services and shows up on schedule and on time. I would highly recommend calling Kevin for any of your pest control needs.

Chris B.

Kevin and Raptor Pest Services are top notch. They are always on time, professional, communicative, and take great care to keep out and/or rid our house of pests. During the pandemic, we had an issue with mice getting in to our home. After several DIY options with little success, it was time to call in the professionals. Kevin performed a thorough review of our house (inside and out) and implemented several steps to eradicate the little invaders. We immediately noticed a decrease in mouse "evidence" and I'm pleased to report they are gone. He also provides our monthly pest maintenance services and I recommend him to anyone in the area!

Carri H.